Some dates for your diary!

Confirmation: Sunday May 21st 2017

Summer Holidays: Wednesday June 28th 2017

School Rules

1. School hours: Infants 9.20-2pm, 1st to 6th class 9.20-3pm.

All infants go home at 2pm.

2. Pupils must behave respectfully towords staff, pupils and school property.

3. Pupils should be punctual and a note must cover absences.

4. Pupils are expected to walk at all times inside the school building. At the end of playtime, they assemble in orderly lines.

5. The school rules promote a healthy eating policy. Pupils are encouraged to eat sandwiches, fruit & veg, cheese, yoghurts etc. No sweets, cakes, chocolate, crisps or fizzy drinks please.

6. Chewing gum, tippex and mobile phones are strictly forbidden.

7. Appropriate hair cuts and natural hair colour only.


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