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Brainteasers and Challenges

We’ll post some challenges here, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Have fun with them and get your family involved. We’ll try and include everyone but some may be a little tricky for our younger students.

Maths Brainteasers

Try these revision questions… Mostly based on 5th/6th class maths.

We know a few teachers from 3rd to 6th class like to use https://www.solvemoji.com/ to set challenges for their class like this one:

You can check your answer to this one by going to https://www.solvemoji.com/Puzzle/Puzzle/14022/ and entering your guess underneath in the guessbox and clicking the blue arrow.

You can try lots more of these on that website https://www.solvemoji.com/ but we’ve found a very tricky one that requires your observation skills just as much as your maths skills. You can then add your answer to the Padlet here. Just click the + icon in the bottom right corner to add your answer. Let’s see who can get the first right answer… Or just the right answer as this one is TRICKY!

1 shoe =5 1 boy = 5 1 cone =2 1 shoe + (1boy with 2 cones also 2 ...

English Idioms Emoji Challenge

Idioms are expressions or sayings and don’t really make sense on their own. They usually come from long ago but we still use them every day.

Try this emoji challenge with your siblings or parents.

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