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Online Textbook Access

Online Book Access

To help during the Covid-19 pandemic, all textbook publishers have opened free access to E-books and resources online. Below we will give you the information you need to access these books/resources.


Follow the steps below to get access:

  1. Go to FolensOnline.ie and click register
  2. Select Teacher
  3. Fill in a username, email and password
  4. For Roll Number use the code:  
    • Prim20
  5. Now you can access all the school’s e-books and resources like Abair Liom, Fuaimeanna agus Focail and Spellbound. But you may also like to look at other relevant books like Sounds in Action or Ám don Leamh etc.

CJ Fallon

Here, you don’t need to register. Simply click the button below and use the resources filter to select class level, subject and book. Here you’ll find your Mathemagic and Table Toppers books. But like Folens, there’s plenty of other useful books/resources we don’t use at our school that you could also take a look at.

CJ Fallon


Follow the steps below to get access:

  1. Go to  https://www.edcolearning.ie/login
  2. Use the username – primaryedcobooks
  3. Use the password – edco2020
  4. Now you can select books like Window on the World or other useful books we don’t use in our school like Bua na Cainte.

Collins Big Cat Readers E-Books

In order to access the 330+ Collins readers, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://connect.collins.co.uk/school/Portal.aspx
  2. Click on Teacher Portal
  3. Use the username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk
  4. Use the password: Parents20!
  5. Now all levels of reader are available.

Over The Moon

All the Over the Moon resources such as skills books, story books, online oral language resources etc. are available at the following web addresses:

Junior Infants – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-junior-infants-skills-book
· Senior Infants – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-senior-infants-skills-book
· First Class – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-first-class-skills-book
· Second Class – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-second-class-skills-book
· Third Class – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-3rd-class-skills-book
· Fourth Class – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-4th-class-skills-book
· Fifth Class – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-5th-class-skills-book
· Sixth Class – https://www.gillexplore.ie/gill-explore-resources/over-the-moon-6th-class-skills-book

Food Dudes

Our children really enjoy the Food Dudes programme that runs in our school each year. Bord Bia and the Department of Agriculture and Food have made lots of exciting resources and a special home programme available catered towards students at this time. Have a look at the programme here:

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